The best things about fiber and weight loss

How Closely Connected are Fiber and Weight loss?

The answer is VERY CLOSE. The occurrences of diseases that affect the colon and high numbers of instances of obesity, happen far more less in countries where the diets are rich in fiber. Fiber gives us bulk and soften our stools meaning it plays a huge role in solving the weight loss puzzle.
Our digestive systems cannot digest fiber so when it leaves the body it takes waste out with it. It helps to maintain a regular bowel movement. Within the intestine itself fiber produces its own gel. This gel binds to the bile acids leading the process of converting cholesterol to bile lowering our cholesterol levels.
Fiber comes in 2 different types: Soluble and Insoluble
This is the type that lowers the cholesterol in your intestine by forming a gel and attaching it to the bile as explained above in this article. To maintain good health our bodies need to receive a regular dose of at least 30 to 40 grams. That will help to shed off the pounds.

To keep in shape our diets should High Fiber Foods like:
Corn Bran
Wheat Bran
Rice Bran
Oat Bran
Medium Fiber like:
Corn Meal
Wheat-Oat Flour
Whole Wheat Paste
Whole Wheat Flour
Brown Rice
Steel Cut Oats
Whole Grains
Oatmeal Rolled Oats
and Low Fiber Foods (refined) like –
White Flour (either bleached or unbleached)
Cream of Wheat
White Rice
Oat Flour
Corn Starch
Water is a crucial element in the entire process. The water causes the fiber to swell which helps it to work better. Always drink plenty of water when dieting.
Fiber and weight loss are close connected to have a fit body and a healthy life.

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