Things you must know about melatonin

Things You Must Know About melatonin

Melatonin: (a sleep hormone) – Whether to Take or Not

Getting enough sleep is crucial to good health. Our bodies need sleep to restore energy to the body and mind. When we sleep our bodies are in ‘repair mode’. Our cells and tissues receive certain amounts of damage while at work while we’re awake performing. Our immune systems are involved in the results of this repair.
Medical studies have revealed that many people have difficulty getting the proper sleep to properly repair their bodies. This is because they aren’t getting enough Melatonin and the results are anxiety and depression. As we age the levels of Melatonin being produced lower. That’s when it’s time to make a decision as to whether or not to ‘supplement’. Our choices are ‘Supplementation’ or ‘Change of Diet’.
Because our production of Melatonin declines with age we need to have a way to offset that fact. Melatonin regulates our body’s internal clock so we can experience sleep. Some studies have reveal this could delay the aging process due to its content of Vitamins C, E, beta-carotene, and antioxidants that destroy the cell-damaging compound we know as ‘free radicals’. A free radical contributes to the development of cataracts, heart disease, and other types of ‘age-related ailments’.
Aside from these benefits supplementation has one major drawback – SIDE EFFECTS. Some of the more common side effects include the following –
Reduced Alertness
and in people already on blood-pressure medication containing ‘nifidpine’ it could actually increase it. It can also lower the levels of Melatonin actually being produced naturally.
Many doctors have a much better answer for treating our lack of Melatonin. Rather than taking OTC or prescription medications they advise you to engage in physical activities and a diet made up mainly of fruits and vegetables. The reason for this is because they contain ‘tryptophan’ (amino acid that increases the Melatonin production in our bodies like milk and turkey).
When we eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates and tryptophan we are giving our bodies the ability to engage our brains and to it relax better. This helps us to sleep more soundly, boost our immune systems, and age slower.

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